Concrete Leveling & Repair

Interior and exterior concrete is one of the most common problems that we see with homeowners and business owners. Whether it is a sidewalk, patio or walkway we are experts in the concrete repair and re-pouring industry. We do commercial and residential concrete repair and installation.

Many problems we have encountered is sunken or uneven concrete. These are not only unpleasing to the eye but are also huge tripping and falling hazards. If you are a business owner and the concrete is on your property and a customer trips and sustains serious injuries, your business could be liable for financial compensation. Protect your assets, your family and your business by taking care of your concrete issues promptly and efficiently with Premier Foundation Solutions.

If you notice any of these symptoms, call us for a free assessment:
• Sinking Concrete on Stairs or Walkways
• Cracked or Bumpy Driveways or Patios
• Cracking or Sinking Slab Sections
• Soil Washout Under Concrete
• Repeated Concrete Slab Cracking

At Premier Foundation Solutions we only use the best products in the industry- Grip-Tite. Our Grip-Tite® products offer the complete scope of foundation repair and settlement products that will fix or repair any crawl space issue.

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