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The Symptoms:

It can be difficult to determine the severity of cracks in poured concrete slabs. These types of cracks are most likely found in basements. Although concrete cracks are very common in homes, some cracks can indicate foundation settlement problems. Not only can it indicate a foundation structural issue, but this can also be a point of entrance for unwanted things like moisture and pests. Contact us for a free estimate on your concrete slab repair services!

The Causes:

Some cracks can be insignificant, like smalls cracks due to concrete curing. Although some cracks can be deemed unimportant, most cracks can still allow water seepage and potential health risks like mold and mildew to enter your home. Some more significant cracks can be caused by slabs expanding and foundation shifting due to change in moisture content. The best way to determine the cause of your concrete slab cracks is to hire a professional to inspect the crack and see if there is a hidden reason.

Do I Need to Fix This?

In most cases, you will want to get it fixed. Not only is it an eye sour, but it can eventually expand and get bigger which can lead to further complications down the road. It’s always better to be cautious and have an expert assess the situation.

Our Solution:

Premier Foundation Solutions has a team of experienced foundation professionals ready to evaluate your home’s structure. We can help you determine the seriousness of your cracked concrete slabs. We can conduct an assessment and then create a customized solution fitted to your situation. If you notice cracks in your concrete slabs, contact us today!

Do you have a leak in your basement? Do you notice your basement wall bowing or cracking?

Our home state of Indiana is known for its heavy rains, hot summers, and harsh winters. Due to the extreme climate changes that we get here in the Midwest, foundation problems and water issues are not uncommon.

Our service area includes Marion, Fort Wayne, Wabash, Huntington, Kokomo, Hartford City, Gas City, and Muncie, Indiana. Call us today to learn more about our services. We offer free quotes to our valued customers!

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