Foundation Repair

When you are facing foundation repair problems, you need a licensed and bonded foundation repair company to take care of it as soon as possible. With Premier Foundation Solutions, you are guaranteed to receive the best foundation services in Indiana. All of our team are foundation specialists with many years of experience and are highly trained. We are able to assess your problem and provide you with comprehensive and affordable solutions.

Many homeowners know that it is crucial to take care of foundation problems the moment they see the symptoms. If you are a homeowner in the great state of Indiana and notice any of these symptoms in your home, call us immediately and we will give you a free assessment and estimate.

• Bowing Foundation Walls
• Settling Foundations
• Sagging Crawl Spaces
• Cracked Foundation Walls
• Floor Cracks

• Uneven Floors
• Heaving Foundations
• Sticking Windows and Doors
• Leaning Chimneys
• Collapsing Retaining Walls
• Sinking Concrete

At Premier Foundation Solutions we only use the best products in the industry- Grip-Tite. Our Grip-Tite® products offer the complete scope of foundation repair and settlement products that will fix or repair any foundation settlement issue.

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