Obtaining, and maintaining a Healthy Basement is important for both the occupants of the home, as well as the structure and longevity of the house itself.

There are a few, critical components to a Healthy Basement.  The following guide can be used by the property owner as a first pass to assessing the overall health of the basement:

  • unwanted insect inhabitants
    • some insects in basements and crawlspaces is common
    • excessive insect inhabitants may be an indication of deeper issues
  • visible and apparent moisture on walls, in corners, on floor
    • moisture can be common – specifically in crawlspaces and in unfinished and uninsulated areas of a basement
    • excessive moisture that has led to discoloration, and mold growth is an indication of an unhealthy environment
  • water accumulation near exterior walls, drains pipes, and sump pump basins
    • any amount of water accumulation – specifically where water is not intended to be – is an indication of a potentially serious issue
    • water accumulation after a rain, or after a thaw can indicate improper exterior drainage and grading
    • accumulation of water can also be a symptom of structural integrity lost within the foundation
  • visible cracks in drywall, and concrete walls
    • some level of cracks within a structure can be typical – and not require further attention
    • other types of cracks – horizontal, vertical, and diagonal can be indications of stressors being applied to the foundation from various sources